Today we review the Accuracy International AT sniper rifle.  Historically significant and arguably one of the best long range, bolt action weapons on the planet!  Learn about the design features, adaptability, and repeatability of this [More]
Does the term Tactical Lever Action Rifle make you roll your eyes? Does the thought intrigue you? I remember laughing at the Mossberg 464 and its goofy “wannabe” AR15 style stock and I never got [More]
SUBSCRIBETOP 10 BEST SNIPER RIFLES YOU MUST SEE Are you looking for the best sniper rifles of 2020? These are some of the best sniper rifles we found so far: ✅1. Barrett M107A1 50BMG Semi [More]
We try out the smallest double stack 1911 on the planet. The Rock Island Armory 3.10
In this video we put a Silencer Vs Muzzle Brake head to head in a effort to determine which is better at mitigating recoil. DID YOU KNOW you can gain access to additional content, join [More]
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EXTREME SHOOTING 338 LAPUA at 3280 yards (3 Kilometres) attemp
Russian Special Forces | “Силы специальных операций”
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