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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I add a video to your page?
A: Yes! We are committed to building a large gun video database and your submissions are encouraged and appreciated.

Q: How do I add a video?
A: Click on the SUBMIT VIDEO button on the top right section of the page. You will be taken to another page which you can then submit your own videos. Add your own title, tags, and information for your video. Please add a brief description in the content field, and add any of your own links also. Then choose the file button to select your video. Once you have everything the way you want it, just hit SUBMIT VIDEO!

Q: How long will it take for my video to be added to your site?
A: We try our very best to review and upload your video in a timely manner. We are however human, and it can take anywhere between 48-72 hrs, depending on the length of your video.

Q: Why was my video not added/deleted?
A: At downrangevideos we are very committed to making a gun/weapon friendly site. We do not allow sales, pornographic material, or political posts to our site. We have the right to refuse any video that we may deem inappropriate, or not fitting to our site structure. If you feel that an error has been made, please contact us directly.                                                                A: We have also run into issues where some videos do not load correctly. Please re-submit your video if your video is content appropriate, but not approved.

Q: Is this a veteran run site?
A: Yes, some of our administrators are veterans.

Q: Will any gun videos be banned from your site?
A: No, the sole purpose is to create a database that will always support the 2nd amendment.

Q: Can I get my own channel that people can subscribe to?
A: We are currently working to add these features to our site.

Q: Why is it so slow to load a video from my phone?                                          A: Loading times vary depending on your network speed. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.



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