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LAS Concealment – https://lasconcealment.com/?sca_ref=2… GET YOUR CLOTHING HERE!!! – https://kentuckyballistics.com/ In today’s video we see if giant gummy bears can stop a 500 Magnum, 460 Magnum, Desert Eagle and much more! I hope you enjoy [More]
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With the help of our friends at Texas Tactical Gear, we 3D printed live and fully functional Claymore mines and set them off. If you’re a company with a need to put your products up [More]
*All firearms were safety checked and shot at safe ranges with good backstops. Today I discuss my top ten firearms for bear country defense. Bear Spray doesn’t always work, you need to have a back-up [More]
In today’s video I took a trip to CMMG to see the behind the scenes of how things are done. I didn’t really camp out there but I thought it would be a funny trope [More]
https://www.mcarbo.com/kel-tec-pmr-30… KEL-TEC PMR-30 / CMR-30 / CP33 Flat Trigger for Custom KEL TEC PMR 30 Upgrades that Deliver Immediate Results! American Made KEL TEC PMR 30 Accessories to Increase Performance from M*CARBO! Corrects KEL-TEC PMR-30 [More]
In this video I talk about the mechanisms in firearms that allow them to operate in different firing modes, for example semi-auto and full-auto. This is the site I downloaded World of Guns: http://store.steampowered.com/app/262… You [More]
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