Backyard Bob shares some do’s and don’ts when using the polymer 80 AR 15 jig
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Let’s go over 10 Mistakes you probably make when Building an AR 15. Complete Parts List Here w/Codes The Deals Page is Here How to Choose the Best BCG for your Build… [More]
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80p Builder Polymer 80 Glock 17 Build by Marine Gun Builder. Techniques used for the following Polymer 80 Glock build models: P80 Pf940c P80 Pf940sc P80 Pf940v2 P80 PF45 P80 Pf9ss P80 Pf940cl Recommended P80 [More]
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The PG22 series is my attempt at a 3D printed firearm. There have been a few variations, each trying to build off the previous ideas which worked. The current iteration, the PG22 Maverick, is a [More]
It’s time to try removing this case that’s stuck in the chamber of my Krieger 308 AR-10 barrel. A generous viewer made an adapter to connect a grease gun to the muzzle. Can hydraulic pressure [More]
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