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One of my favorite videos is our “Top-5 Shooting Drills for CQB.” This video got a lot of great comments and only a few complaints. As for complaints, several were just asking for drills for the AK family of rifles. Well, we do read all your comments (even if we don’t respond to all), and we do listen. So, here our my favorite drills for use with an AK-47/74. You’ll notice that many of them are the same as my other “favorite” drills, as the laws of physics stay the same and the laws of combat stay the same… You need to be accurate. You need to be fast & Accurate. You need to be able to keep yourself in the fight, through weapon manipulation, speed, and accuracy. Master the basics. 1. Up Drill (From both High & Low-Ready) 2. Double Tap (within 5 meters / Controlled Pair (outside 5 meters) 3. Mag Reload 4. Box Drill (Failure Drill on multiple Targets) 5. Check Drill (Transition to Pistol, finish fight, then get the rifle back up) Again the basics. I hope you enjoy the video. Many “Thanks” to Bobby Snyder, from Tactical Edge. Bobby and his team are making some of the BEST ARs & AKs on the planet. Strength & Honor, TR Help support Tactical Rifleman by becoming a patron on Patreon

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