One of my favorite videos is our “Top-5 Shooting Drills for CQB.” This video got a lot of great comments and only a few complaints. As for complaints, several were just asking for drills for [More]
You guys have been asking nonstop, so here it is. This was our recent experience with the Plastikov. I could share the link, but I’m confident youtube would instantly remove this video if I did, [More]
In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves buys himself a Molot VEPR-12 short barrel shotgun. Impressed by its reliability in previous reviews, James wants to find out if the venerable VEPR-12 and its self-regulating gas [More]
Here’s a quick video towards the end of a video shooting day where I plink around with the Romanian PSL 54 from Century Arms. Hope y’all enjoy! Feel free to check me out on Insta: [More]
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