Getting clean drinking water out in the back woods is second only in priority to the need for shelter. As such, it’s important to know several ways to purify even the nastiest water you find–from [More]
Ruger 10/22 Takedown Lite Rifle Review. Great for Camping, Hunting, Boating or Survival! ***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols. This is a new firearm from the factory. No modifications [More]
To be effective under pressure, we need to train deliberately. Training deliberately when it comes to fighting for your life in the face of screaming bullets means practicing positions to get into that still allow [More]
Most preppers realize the importance of firearms for survival. However, without ammo for those firearms what you have is an awkward club. You need a stockpile of ammo for each of your firearms… but how [More]
*All firearms were safety checked and shot at safe ranges with good backstops. Today I discuss my top ten firearms for bear country defense. Bear Spray doesn’t always work, you need to have a back-up [More]
TOP 10 BEST SURVIVAL GEAR 2020 Are you looking for the best survival gear and gadgets available on Amazon of 2020? These are some of the best survival & outdoor gear and gadgets available on [More]
TOP 10 BEST TACTICAL GEAR 2020 | MILITARY TACTICAL GEAR Are you looking for the best military tactical gear in 2020? These are some of the best military tactical gear we found so far: ✅1. [More]
Ever wonder how AR Guys and AK Guys might be handling quarantine? Well to celebrate passing 400,000 subscribers, we delved into a few possibilities… Hardbass is “AK50 (feat. Vitalij)” by Alan Aztec —- About Me [More]
TOP 5 BEST TACTICAL BACKPACKS 2020 Are you looking for the best tactical backpacks of 2020? These are some of the coolest tactical backpacks we found so far: ✅1. SOG Scout Tactical Backpack ✅2. [More]
MAC Website & BDU link: Join Patreon and support MAC! MAC Amazon Store:… Support Mac on YouTube!… MAC T-Shirt Store:… If you don’t care for Patreon, checkout SubscribeStar:… The [More]
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