LOAD OUT #4 Showing the Noveske N6 Switchback, with the Pulsar XP50 Thermion Thermal, Q LLC Trash Panda suppressor, and Hornady American Whitetail 165 gr Interlock. Thermal hog control with the https://www.hueyoutdoors.com/product/… Feral hogs are [More]
A father and son Wolf Hunt. This is a hunt to remember where we take two wolves with one gun! Check out this unbelievable footage of a giant pack of ten plus wolves coming into [More]
One shot = THREE prairie dogs down! Don’t miss this Montana prairie dog hunting extravaganza. This prairie dog hunt features slow motion kill shots, digiscope close-ups and a rare prairie dog triple kill. A group [More]
Whether you are whitetail hunting or mule deer hunting, this video shows you exactly what calibers and rounds you should consider to be adequate for hunting ethically. There are lots of good rounds, but we [More]
****No Firearm sales**** Thermal and night vision available at http://www.Hueyoutdoors.com Testing the 350 legend to see if its a viable caliber for feral hog pest control. Feral hogs are a invasive species in Texas. Hogs [More]
KateĊ™ina and Matt Emmons are really enjoying the CZ rimfire rifles, which quickly became the masters’ choice. It was our great pleasure to test with them our new 2019 CZ 457 models.
Hunting giant swamp rats in Louisiana with a Ruger 10/22 – and a big stick!
Feral Cat Hunting Skills – Stray Cat Best Hunting Video
Best Thermal Coyote Hunting Footage with the Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 60mm
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