Statistics show that most fights happen quick and from close range. Bob Allen teaches you how to shoot from retention and get a good reactionary gap to asses the threat and take follow up shots [More]
Let’s Shoot The Vector in Real Life! A fav gun to run in Call of Duty, but is it better in real life or video games? And how does it compare to the popular AR [More]
Thinking she might have a shot to be in the next movie….What do you guys think?
Hey Everyone! Lena put together an outstanding 50RD training regimen for everyone from the first time pistol owner to the professional competition shooter. Check it out and let us know what you think! Help support [More]
New! DOUBLE BARREL AR | Complete Review | Double Firepower, Double Fun
FULL AUTO BEAST – RARE Swedish M36 |The Gunny (R Lee Ermey) & Kirsten Joy Weiss – Ep. 4
Footage Released Of Intended YouTube Stunt That Turned Deadly
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