KRISS VECTOR: Only Good For CALL OF DUTY? 🎮 | Pro Shooter Gun Review

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Let’s Shoot The Vector in Real Life! A fav gun to run in Call of Duty, but is it better in real life or video games? And how does it compare to the popular AR carbine platform? Today we shoot TWO guns: the Kriss Vector & my sick lil AR Carbine. LET’S SHOOT! Join Us & Support Here ▶ Https:// Learn From Me (Limited Release) ▶ The Vector is insane and unlike any other gun. The Kriss Vector is found in many different movies and video games from Black Ops II & Modern Warfare to Far Cry & James Bond 007. It’s certainly a fan favorite! Let’s see how it runs in REAL LIFE. What do you think. Would you run Call of Duty guns in real life, or no? Subscribe For More! ▶ Owen Sub Machine ▶… Instagram ▶ Http:// For more info, shooting articles, and videos visit ▶︎ LESS


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