Sign up to get notified when future videos go live: In this part, Eli from Project Gecko focuses on the operator and how you can implement the previously discussed tactics in real-life situations. Learn [More]
One of my favorite videos is our “Top-5 Shooting Drills for CQB.” This video got a lot of great comments and only a few complaints. As for complaints, several were just asking for drills for [More]
CQB or room clearing is very complicated process and there’s never a perfect way to do it. And that’s when you have a team clearing together. It’s much worse when you’re by yourself. There’s just [More]
In this must-watch installment of the Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essentials, you’ll learn step-by-step procedures on how to convert a tourniquet. Watch more combat medic videos here: Available subtitles: English Gear up with [More]
This Tactical Field Care video is intended for all combatants and familiarizes you with the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm. The acronym is designed for remembering the necessary steps in priority when saving lives in combat. Watch more [More]
TCCC lets field medics like you quickly assess injuries and wounds, then choose the best way under the circumstances to treat them. This video familiarizes you with the Care Under Fire (CUF) phase. Watch more [More]
Some basic introduction on Fighting Positions in Urbanized Terrain according to a US Marine Corps Manual. »» SUPPORT MHV «« » patreon – » paypal donation –… »» MERCHANDISE – SPOILS OF WAR [More]
In this episode of Infantryman’s Guide we will discuss individual movement techniques aka “IMTs”. IMTs are fundamental for every Infantry Marine or Soldier and can make the difference between life and death and mission accomplishment. [More]
Statistics show that most fights happen quick and from close range. Bob Allen teaches you how to shoot from retention and get a good reactionary gap to asses the threat and take follow up shots [More]
Today, John trolls Paul, the Training Director for Warrior Poet Society and explains why he is right on all the things they disagree on. I, John, am definitely not writing this description either. I suppose [More]
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