This intense cougar hunt of a lifetime started out as a routine coyote hunt. Be a part of the suspense as Northwest Wild and Free tracks the wounded cougar, and watch the final showdown between [More]
Everyone says 10mm and .357 Magnum are equal. Is that True? Let’s find out as we shoot the Glock 40mos vs. the Ruger 6″GP100 with Underwood Hardcast bear loads! Support Us Here:… GO Watch [More]
Full Story: UR T-Shirts: UR on Patreon: 4D Reamer Rentals: Gordy Gritters’ Class:… Here it is! My dream PRS rifle build including a BAT TR Action, Benchmark cut rifled barrel [More]
Practical Accuracy scoreboard now on Patreon! 👉 The Chinese SKS, AKA the Type 56 “Semi” Carbine is an iconic participant of conflicts in Vietnam, and a significantly armed the Chinese PLA. In North America, [More]
Review of the Shootingtargets7 KYL centerfire rifle target.
This channel and TYMP Pistol Project are both fully viewer supported. No Sponsors Allowed! Please help by becoming a patron. T-Shirts worn in Videos can be found here…… Instagram Facebook Twitter [More]
In this video I talk about the mechanisms in firearms that allow them to operate in different firing modes, for example semi-auto and full-auto. This is the site I downloaded World of Guns:… You [More]
We are a type 7 FFL with an SOT, this is legal. Do not attempt without the proper license.
We are a type 7 FFL, do not attempt without the proper license.
The Problem: You have a cool old gun that doesn’t have high collector value and is still safe to shoot, but it’s chambered for an obsolete cartridge and commercial ammo is no longer made. The [More]
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