We were able to make the impossible happen, test out two rare Gyrojet rocket guns. Remarkably, instead of just taking one or two shots, we were able to take 4 shots. We were able to [More]
Today on Kentucky Ballistics we shoot some soft body armor with 9mm, 357 Sig, 10mm and 5.7x28mm! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!
The AR-15 is prolific and iconic. We condense the history of the longest serving rifle in US military history into a brief video covering all of the important points. While this video couldn’t possibly cover [More]
Top Five Surplus Firearms You Should Get In 2019! Surplus firearms, military, cheap, pistols ,and rifles. Downrangevideos. Military Surplus
Pointing out the basic differences between the original 1911 and the later 1911 A1. Paper Target on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/291928581589? – ———————— Please visit the Hickok45.com website and check out what the great folks who support [More]
Today on Kentucky Ballistics we try out a custom Magnum Research BFR 45-70 Snub Nose Revolver! Could this be the most powerful snub nose in the world? I hope you enjoy the video and thanks [More]
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