Paul compares the difference between different length barrels in AR platform rifles. This video was edited and uploaded by: Brad Nelson (@redsquirrel_7)
Let’s go over 10 Mistakes you probably make when Building an AR 15. Complete Parts List Here w/Codes The Deals Page is Here How to Choose the Best BCG for your Build… [More]
We are a type 7 FFL with an SOT, this is legal. Do not attempt without the proper license.
We are a type 7 FFL, do not attempt without the proper license.
Ever wonder how AR Guys and AK Guys might be handling quarantine? Well to celebrate passing 400,000 subscribers, we delved into a few possibilities… Hardbass is “AK50 (feat. Vitalij)” by Alan Aztec —- About Me [More]
Has 350 Legend gotten past its growing pains? Is it the heavy hitter that Winchester promised? After months of extensive testing with nearly every factory load available on the market, I can definitively say that [More]
Hey, it’s SUPERSETCA, back at you with the BEST Variable Scopes for your AR15 or Rifle, 2019 Edition! Gear Used in this Video (These links help support the channel): Steiner P4Xi 1-4X: Vortex PST [More]
GET YOUR CLOTHING HERE!!! – In today’s video we try out the Phoenix Weaponry 45-70 Auto! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! Please support Kentucky Ballistics on Patreon! Please like [More]
A range video on my Bravo Company 16 Inch Lightweight AR. What accessories I’ve added and why, what parts I have changed, how it’s held up and a quick history on what it’s been used [More]
Which is better? That AUG or the AR-15? Let’s hear your opinion with this poll before James gets started: In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves goes over seven reasons (OK, really just six) [More]
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