Two martial arts experts. One’s got a knife, the other nothing. We told the unarmed pro to fight off the guy with the blade and escape without getting cut up. Does he? See for yourself [More]
Crime rates are increasing incredibly fast day by day and its no surprise you will also experience some of its effects. Because of that these 10 gadgets I bring will always make you fully prepared [More]
Everyone says 10mm and .357 Magnum are equal. Is that True? Let’s find out as we shoot the Glock 40mos vs. the Ruger 6″GP100 with Underwood Hardcast bear loads! Support Us Here:… GO Watch [More]
Mike describes vehicle dynamics and how to operate in and around a vehicle when in defending yourself.
If you like my videos and would like to support my channel please feel free to visit my Patreon or SubscribeStar page. Patreon Link SubscribeStar… To be a part of the NEA community [More]
You’ve probably put serious thought and research into what self-defense ammo to carry in your pistols. Can you count on that same ammo being the ideal choice for a pistol caliber carbine? To find out, [More]
Is .380 acp Enough For Self Defense? Federal HST vs. Ribs
9mm vs .40 vs .45… which is better for self defense?
6 Awesome Self Defense Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon
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