Practical Accuracy scoreboard now on Patreon! 👉 The FR F1 is one of the least understood sniper variants in the U.S. due to it’s rarity, but the rifle has been the champion for French [More]
When St Etienne developed the FR-F1 sniper rifle, all the branches of the French military were given the opportunity to purchase them – and the Army, Navy, and Gendarmerie did. The Air Force, decided that [More]
Today we review the Accuracy International AT sniper rifle.  Historically significant and arguably one of the best long range, bolt action weapons on the planet!  Learn about the design features, adaptability, and repeatability of this [More]
10 Most Powerful Sniper Rifles In The World
NEW Hi-Tech Assault/Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun (3D Gun Animation)
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