Marlin 336 XLR | Custom Tactical Levergun

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Does the term Tactical Lever Action Rifle make you roll your eyes? Does the thought intrigue you? I remember laughing at the Mossberg 464 and its goofy “wannabe” AR15 style stock and I never got into that kind of lever gun. Recently I got my hands on this 336 XLR from marlin and all of my preconceptions of tactical lever action rifles has now changed. What I found was a very modern and capable twist to an old school platform. Love it or hate it, I hope the video at least gets your wheels turning. I want to know: Would you consider owning a rifle like this? #Tacticallevergun #Marlin336XLR Find me on: -Instagram: (Instagram is the BEST platform to chat with me. Shoot me a DM and let’s talk!) -Facebook: Need some cerakote work done? Email me directly at: Want to support my personal small business? Check out our products from Tatargets at: and remember to use code “KEYSTONECARRY” when you’re purchasing your new target system. It will take 10% off our entire website. Thank you for watching and supporting me and my small businesses, smash that subscribe button and let me know what you think in the comments below. Here are a few companies that have helped/are helping me out on my journey either by sending me product to help them promote, or offering me affiliate codes. Help me by checking their products out and if you like what you see, consider supporting them! If not, that’s cool too. I will only ever suggest companies I believe in. Also make sure you are checking out Dangerous But Good. In this video I am wearing several pieces of their swag (check out that hat!). Dangerous But Good makes some awesome swag with an even better message. Be sure to check them out on their website and when you order make sure you tell them I sent you. I do not have a code, I can’t offer you a discount, however I believe in what their team does and I love repping their apparel. Need some shades? I stumbled across this awesome company: Shady Rays about a month ago. I was looking for sunglasses that didn’t break the bank, but I was tired of buying cheap glasses that broke in a few weeks. My wife and I bought two sets when we saw an ad for them on instagram. I have been ABOVE impressed with them. If you want to purchase your own, use this link to go to their site:… You are supporting me when you buy from the companies I have partnered up with! Ok so this might seem random, but I need to also tell you about a company I love called Dr. Squatch. Dr. Squatch makes awesome all natural soap. I know, I know. Now you’re rolling your eyes because you think I am just trying to sell you something. I’m not. I have been buying and using it for the better part of the last two years. It is awesome. If you are a dude and like smelling fresh and being clean, hit the link: and tell them I sent you. Note that they have me on board as an “ambassador”. They might pay me if you click that link but I promise you, the soap is worth it. Thank you for the support, consider subscribing and PLEASE share my page and my videos. Also drop me a follow on Instagram, as I am most active there.


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