How to prepare for the Coronavirus COVID-19

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With the rapid growth of the Coronavirus around the world, now is the time to prepare. In this video, we’ll go through the stages and steps to ensure you’re ready. /////////// Pick up protective gear here: /////////// LINKS FOR VIDEO: 1. Water storage **Videos to watch:** — 7 steps for water preparation:… — How to purify and filter water making it safe to drink:… — How to store water for emergencies (containers and places to put them):… **Items to get** — 5 Gallon stackable: — 7 Gallon non-stackable: — 55 Water storage: 2. Food **Videos to watch** — How to easily build a 2 week emergency food supply:… — How to make your own Freeze Dried food for SHTF:… — Why you should add freeze dried food to your preps:… — How to dehydrate apples for long-term food storage:… **Items to get** — The prepper’s cookbook: — Freeze dried food: — Dehydrator: 3. First Aid **Videos to watch** — How to build a trauma kit:… **Items to get** — Pre-built first aid kit: — Trauma kit: 4. Sanitation **Videos to watch** — How to dispose of human waste (poop and pee) after a disaster:… 5. Ability to cook **Videos to watch** — How to cook after a disaster (fuel sources):… — How to cook after a disaster (cookware and utensils):… — 6 easy meals to cook over a fire after a disaster:… — Top 5 reasons you should get a rocket stove now:… **Items to get** — Solostove: — Coleman gas grill: — Rocket stove: 6. Power source and lighting **Videos to watch** — Solar Generator:… — Solar vs Gas Generator:… **Items to get** — Flashlight: — AAA Batteries: — AA Batteries: 7. Have cash on hand **Videos to watch** — How to survive a financial crisis:… 8. Communications **Items to get** — HAM Radio: 9. Mobility **Videos to watch** — How to build a bug out bag:… — How to build bug out bags for the family:… **Items to get** — Items listed here:… 10. Self Defense and OPSEC — affordable body armor: **Videos to watch** — Top 5 prepper firearms:… — OPSEC:… DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.


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