What is the Ultimate Urban Rifle? [“How to Win The Fight” Series Ep. 2]

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In this episode of TFBTV, @James Reeves continues the “Win the Fight” Series, a set of videos that TFBTV recorded and produced in collaboration with Thunder Ranch and in partnership with Aero Precision, EOTech, Ballistic Advantage, Brownells, and Doubletap Ammunition. This episode is a discussion of what the ultimate urban rifle should be, taking in input from Thunder Ranch, Aero, and Ballistic Advantage as to how you should equip the ultimate rifle for modern day urban defense. Clint and Heidi Smith were generous enough to let TFBTV use Thunder Ranch for free to film this series in order to get the word out – at no cost to any of our viewers – on how to select and use an urban rifle. If you like this content, please support Clint, Heidi, and Thunder Ranch by visiting them for a class or purchasing the Thunder Ranch Digital Training series at: https://thunderranchinc.com/product-c… Read more at: ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check out our Patreon and Subscribe Star pages if you enjoy our program, and consider helping us at TFBTV out! We give away hundreds of dollars of gear a month to our supporters! https://www.patreon.com/tfbtv https://www.subscribestar.com/tfbtv NOTE: These giveaways are not affiliated with, associated with, or in any way endorsed by YouTube and TFBTV is solely responsible for the giveaways mentioned in this video and this description. No purchase required for gear worth over $250. ««« FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA »»» https://www.facebook.com/TheFirearmBl… https://www.instagram.com/TFBTV/ https://www.reddit.com/r/tfbtv/ ««« TFB CHAT ROOM »»» Want to join the TFBTV chat room? Use our Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/bcVD9zw


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