Navy SEALS Range Bag

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Travis explains what he brings in his range bag every time he is at the range conducting training. Start with the essentials and as you progress in skill and your level of training progresses your range bag will grow. Continue to train often and train safely. TEAMS #TRAVISKENNEDY #KENNEDYDEFENSIVESOLUTIONS #THINKINGSHOOTER #TEAMS #KDS #TRAINING #BLACKHAWK #GATORZ Range Bag: – Blackhawk Range Bag – Blackhawk Stingray EDC Day Bag – Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Pack – Gcode Low Viz Gun belt – Magpul AR Sling – Blackhawk L2C Holster – Target Setup materials – Extra Magazines My Kit: – Garmin Fenix 3: – Pocket Pro ll Timer – Gatorz PLAYLIST: Handgun Basics with a Navy SEAL… Kennedy Defensive Shooting Social Links: Website – Instagram –… Facebook –… Twitter – YouTube –…


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