Silencer vs Muzzle Brake (Which Is Better for Precision Rifle)

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In this video we put a Silencer Vs Muzzle Brake head to head in a effort to determine which is better at mitigating recoil. DID YOU KNOW you can gain access to additional content, join our online community and support the channel for as little as $1 ⬇️ PAYPAL: Make sure you are subscribed with the notification bell turned on! 🔔 Always leave a comment and a thumbs-up on the video, it helps us out a lot. 👍🏼 Take a second to share this video with someone who would like this channel 🔀 THIS VIDEO IS PROUDLY PRESENTED BY MDT 🌐 WWW.MDTTAC.COM IMPACT SHOOTING IS DRIVEN BY WESTVAAL ISUZU… SUN SLAYER HOODIE – PINE CAMO –… FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – Check Out Our Second Channel –… ❗️Disclaimer – Impact Shooting is a “show”, it is intended to entertain. Events don’t alway unfold as they may appear and most videos are shot over multiple days of filming. Viewers are advised to always do their own research on reloading and make use o❗️


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