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Even a really tiny contribution can make a difference. Consider becoming a channel member https://youtu.be/ODBW3pVahUE This 1940s black and white Marine Corps training film offers advice on close-range, hand-to-hand combat with tips on club and knife fighting. Training demonstrations on a Pacific coast beach aim to prepare servicement for battle on the beaches of Japan, ending in an encouragement to fight “dirty.” Note: This film is reflective of its wartime era and contains offensive racist language and dramatizations (TRT: 21:54). Opening titles: “U.S. Marine Corps Official Training Film, Produced by the Marine Corps Photographic Section, Combat Conditioning Series Part 3, Club and Knife Fighting” (0:06). “To kill your enemy from as great a distance as possible is good sense… but a time may come when you will engage him at close quarters” (0:40). Oceanside palm trees on a sunny beach. Two men lower a lifeboat to the sand and look for shelter (1:03). One man takes a knife, while another picks up a club (1:33). The man wielding a knife sets out on a scouting patrol. Narration: “Uh oh, Tojo land,” referencing General Hideki Tojo of the Japanese Imperial Army (IJA). A man passes carrying a Japanese parcel. Having noticed one-another, the two men draw their blades (2:06). A silhouette of a swordsman. Correct grip is demonstrated, the knife’s guard preventing a glancing blow from contacting the hand. The point of the knife faces the enemy’s eyes (2:24). A low thrust is demonstrated by a man crouching and using his free arm for balance (3:37). Parrying blows are next illustrated, ending in hand-cutting, throat-slashing and side-jabbing movements (4:35). A double-parry (5:35). Disengaging a locked blade (6:05). Disarming from the reverse side (6:55). Basic knife movements in review demonstrated by a long line of men in helmets, extending to the horizon (7:16). Returning to the battle scene, the marine makes quick work of his opponent (8:36). An ambush comes for the club wielding soldier. He is held at gunpoint, but a bayonet closes in instead (9:01). The club is quickly raised to block the bayonet and stop the attacker (9:28). A closeup of a club. Demonstrating a proper grip, and a two-handed snapping method (9:41). How to draw a club with a short grip and outstretched forefinger. Kneeing in the crotch while striking a chin blow with the club. Finishing by breaking a nose in slow motion (10:22). The disadvantage of drawing a club from the front is illustrated in a losing scenario. Aiming for the knees, wrists, elbows, and neck with a long grip on the club (11:00). A short grip makes the club harder for the opponent to grab. Contact points for the short grip follow in demonstration (12:11). A kick is blocked with a locking grip that brings the assailant to the ground (13:12). The “Japanese choke” is demonstrated with arms crossed and a knee in the back. Narration cheers on the assault (13:55). Closeup on the choke in review (14:36). A rear sneak attack threatens a broken arm (14:54). A “hammer lock,” with an opponent’s arm twisted behind his back. A knife is pulled by the opponent, and the club is used to disarm him (16:00). A short grip club blocks various knife blows (17:07). A long tracking shot across lines of drilling marines, all practicing self-defense with knives and clubs (17:51). Fixing a bayonet. A pair of men demonstrate how to use a club against a bayonet attacker. Parrying, counterattacks in medium and closeup views (18:05). A defensive blow behind the neck (19:06). A bayonet by itself is shown to offer club-like advantages. Full-speed bayonet defense drills (19:58). “Dirty fighting” techniques are covered. Throwing a clump of dirt to surprise an attacker. Tossing a helmet at an opponent’s head. An outstretched thumb reaches for a man’s eye. Spitting in an opponent’s face (20:50). Narration: “There’s no doctrine for dirty fighting– Everything goes!” (21:27). End titles (21:38).


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