Concealed Carry ***THE Proper Draw***

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Hey Guys!! Just wanted to share a few things about PROPERLY performing a draw from a concealed carry position. HUGE SHOUTOUT to USCCA for partnering with us on this one. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT as it helps to support the channel! Use this link – Help support the channel by using the links below! Big Daddy Unlimited – USCCA – GoPro Hero 7 – GoPro Gimbal – Small Camera – Big Camera – Small Drone – PLEASE FOLLOW MY Production Company – PLAYLIST: Shooting Captain America’s shield: F-1 Firearms Skeletonized AR15: Nintendo Zapper Glock: Suppressed SAW M249S: Top 5 Favrotie guns: AR-15 Gatling Gun: MPX FULL AUTO: SCAR 16: Benelli M1014: Dual Glock rapid fire: H&K 770: No-Handed shooter: Star Wars DL-44 blaster: H&K91: S&W 5906: Beretta ARX: M1 Carbines:


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