Sig P365XL: The Do Everything Carry

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If my informal polling is accurate Sig P365 appears is the best selling concealed carry gun in the US. For good reason: lightweight, xlnt magazine capacity, great trigger, very accurate, reliable, superb ergos and sights. Enter the XL version, a surprising addition to the lineup. Here we have a longer barrel, longer sight radius, a bit different trigger, and substantially higher rounds capacity. All this for nominal increase in weight. A surprising POU emerges where people will use the XL as their all around defensive pistol choice; both for CCW and for home defense. Like all guns it has a few quirks which are covered but overall you’ll see the P365XL to be another top seller for Sig and sets another standard for subcompact nines to aspire to. Microtech Socom Elites, probly all gone b. you waited too long!: OLIGHT Seeker 2: OLIGHT Baton Pros: OLIGHT M2R Pro Warrior: Olight’s tiny but bright i3T, buy quick b. these sell out: TNP Main is now posting on the B Channel, SUBSCRIBE HERE not to miss out:… Full Nutnfancy content flow, special content, giveaways, online meetups are only on TNP Patreon, you are missing out: TNP Cool stuff at:


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