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380 pistols are very popular for concealed carry, as the (usually) small size makes them eminently totable. However, not all are created equal…but the cream will rise to the top. What are some of the best .380 pistols for concealed carry? See them online at: http://aliengearholsters.com/blog/6-b… For the “Glock or bust” crowd, the Glock 42 is pocket poly-striker perfection. It has the Glock operating system and features, so it’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Glock pistol but in a pint-sized package. Certainly one of the most popular is the Sig P238, a small single-action pistol perfect for pocket carry or otherwise deep concealment. The P238 is Sig Sauer’s version of the Colt Mustang, another nano-sized 1911. However, the clone is far more popular than the parent. The Shield 380 EZ is no clone of anything; it’s all original. It’s clearly based on the Shield, but is vastly different than the Shield. It’s a light DAO instead of striker-fired. The barrel is as long as the M&P Compact. There’s a grip safety and it’s chambered for .380 rather than 9mm. But you won’t find a .380 pistol that’s as easy to operate. The Walther PPK should be on any list of 380 pistols, but the Bersa Thunder is the better pick. Why? It’s available with more options. It’s basically the exact same gun, but it’s cheaper. Walther’s production runs are rather small, so you can actually find a Bersa Thunder .380 in stores. Those things matter. The S&W Bodyguard .380 Crimson Trace is S&W’s non-snubbie pocket gun, with a DAO operating system in a light, ultra-compact housing. However, it is one of the best pocket pistols in terms of ergonomics, and happens to come with a Crimson Trace laser installed from the factory. Another great .380 handgun is the Ruger LCP II. The LCP II is an uber-light pocket .380, but with improvements to suit the modern shooter. The DAO system is replaced with a striker-fired system. The frame is textured for a better fit. A laser is available from the factory, and the MSRP is quite nice. Every one of these pistols can also be carried with an Alien Gear Holster. You can find holsters for any of these guns at: http://aliengearholsters.com/


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